Enteral Nutrition

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Enteral Nutrition

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Talking Tube Feeding Support Website

A hub of tube feeding support and guidance for parents & carers of tube fed children. Talking Tube Feeding features informative articles written by healthcare professionals, inspiring stories shared by tube feeding families, and even blended diet recipes created by a dietitian. Share with your families today!

All Talking Tube Feeding articles and videos have been created in partnership with healthcare professionals and tube feeding families, aiming to offer credible tube feeding information.

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Contribute to Talking Tube Feeding

We’re always looking for healthcare professionals to contribute their expertise to the Talking Tube Feeding website. So, if you have an interesting topic suggestion, get in touch at: talkingtubefeeding@uk.nestle.com

Connecting with Families

If you think your families would like to share their tube feeding experiences on Talking Tube Feeding, please contact us on: talkingtubefeeding@uk.nestle.com. We can work flexibly with families, whether they want to contribute quotes/recommendations or a full diary-style feature.

To order Talking Tube Feeding pens and leaflets for your families, please contact your
Nestlé Health Science representative.