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View this infographic for a summary of the multi-centre retrospective real-world evidence study of children who have switched to a tube feed containing food-derived ingredients.

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About Compleat® paediatric

Compleat® paediatric (formerly known as Isosource® Junior Mix) is currently the only paediatric tube feed in the UK&I that contains food-derived ingredients*.

  • Nutritionally complete 1.2kcal/ml feed for children 1 year and over
  • Halal certified and gluten-free
  • Iso-osmolar (Osmolarity: 280 mOsm/l Osmolality: 340mOsm/kg)
  • 18g protein (33% from rehydrated chicken, green peas and green beans) and 5g fibre (51% of fibre from vegetables and fruits) per 500ml bottle

* Compleat® paediatric contains 13.8% food derived ingredients from rehydrated chicken, rehydrated vegetables (peas & green beans), peach puree and orange juice from concentrate. Compleat® paediatric is currently the only feed in the UK&I with food-derived ingredients.