The Emerging Trend of Blended Diets; Sharing Best Practice Amongst Healthcare Professionals

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This webinar dives into the emerging trend of blended diets for enteral feeding. There is some evidence to suggest that blended diets, used solely or in combination with commercially available enteral feeds, can have a number of benefits for children such as a reduction in GI symptoms or improved overall physical and developmental health.

Our speakers will discuss how blended diets may change the way we think about tube feeding and how things compare in the US, who are one step ahead when it comes to blended diets and food-based formulas. We’ll hear about the positive move made by the British Dietetic Association in their updated guidance on blended diets and we’ll learn about the growing evidence for a newly available prescribed feed that contains food-derived ingredients.

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Gerard Minor M.M.S.,PA-C
Physician Assistant
Kidz Medical Services

“Jared” Minor is a Physician Assistant in the paediatric GI division of Kidz Medicalin Hollywood Florida. He completed his Masters of Medical Science and Bachelor of Science in Physician Assistant Studies at Nova Southeastern University.

Jared has been in practice for over 15 years for a paediatric subspecialty group and affiliated with Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital, Memorial Regional Hospital, and Plantation General Hospital. He provides nutritional therapy to complex paediatric patients with feeding disorders, congenital heart disease, genetic anomalies, and malabsorption disorders. He also provides GI services to two paediatric total care centres in his county.

He has presented research at NASPGHAN addressing enteral feeding tolerance in children with developmental delays and enteral tolerance formula with real food ingredients.

His areas of interest are feeding disorders in complex medical patients, short gut syndrome, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Clare Thornton-Wood
Paediatric Dietitian
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London

Dr Clare Thornton-Wood’s current role is Highly Specialised Dietitian at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. Prior to this she had a number of roles at District General Hospitals, working in paediatrics for the past eight years. Alongside her clinical work, Clare is a BDA Media Spokesperson (she was awarded BDA Media Spokesperson of the Year in 2019) and has been a principal investigator on a number of clinical studies.

Jayne Lewis
Community Dietitian
Oxford Health Foundation Trust

Jayne Lewis is a community paediatric home enteral feeding dietitian working for Oxford Health Foundation Trust. Jayne was involved in the acceptability and tolerance study for Isosource Junior Mix and will be sharing her clinical experience.






Enteral Nutrition
Gerard Minor
Clare Thornton-Wood
Paediatric Dietitian
Jayne Lewis
Community Dietitian

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