The SmilesBack App For Cows’ Milk Allergy

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SmilesBack has been created to help families to support their doctor to shorten the journey to appropriate CMA diagnosis and management.

SmilesBack is an easy-to-use app, developed with allergy experts and primary care physicians that allows parents to keep track of their baby’s symptoms and feeds, share a summary of the relevant information with their doctor, and learn more about CMA signs and symptoms, path to diagnosis and management.

To find out more about how healthcare professionals and parents can be empowered by SmilesBack, visit here.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Mothers should be encouraged to continue breastfeeding even when their infants have cows’ milk protein allergy. This usually requires qualified dietary counselling to completely exclude all sources of cows’ milk protein from the mothers’ diet. If a decision to use a special formula intended for infants is taken, it is important to give instructions on correct preparation methods, emphasising that unboiled water, unsterilised bottles or incorrect dilution can all lead to illness. Formula for special medical purposes intended for infants must be used under medical supervision.
Cows' Milk Allergy
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